Interview with Author Dean MacNeil (Part 2 of 8)

The Bible and Bob Marley: Half the Story Has Never Been ToldHow is your book different from earlier books about Marley?

This is the first book to explain how Bob Marley interprets the Bible in his lyrics. Over four hundred books have been written about Marley, not a single one devoted to the Bible. In general, little attention has been paid to Marley’s biblical interests. For example, the most recent documentary film about Marley makes the point that his rejection by the white segment of his family inspired his song “Corner Stone.” But a major point is missed: Marley’s lyric, “The stone that the builder refused / Will always be the head corner stone,” is a direct quotation from Psalm 118! Marley turned to the Bible when confronted with adversity and rejection, and found in its pages elements of his own experience. Marley saw himself in Psalm 118.