Interview with Author Dean MacNeil (Part 7 of 8)

The Bible and Bob Marley: Half the Story Has Never Been ToldWhat insight about Marley is most relevant today?

Marley relies on wisdom more than any other type of biblical literature. But he’s not just quoting wisdom texts, he’s interpreting them and finding relevance for the struggles of today. He is teaching an alternative consciousness based on wisdom. Marley is a wisdom teacher. This aspect of Marley is as relevant today as it was in his heyday, if not more so. His words of wisdom circulate daily on social media. He recently reached the top 10 on Billboard’s Social 50 chart, which ranks the most popular artists on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. I think his success as a wisdom teacher is evident in the fact that even anonymous wisdom quotations circulated on the Internet are attributed to Bob Marley.