Interview with Author Dean MacNeil (Part 8 of 8)

The Bible and Bob Marley: Half the Story Has Never Been ToldAre there other areas where you think the book could make an impact?

One area I think the book could make an impact is in combating the downward trend in biblical literacy rates. Examining the Bible through the lens of Bob Marley is an interesting way to learn about the Bible and about how to draw life lessons from the Bible as Marley did. This is not to convert people to Marley’s religion, but to provide a better understanding of the Bible using Marley’s lyrics as stepping-stones. The point is not necessarily to agree with Marley, but to understand the scriptural passages he draws from and the context in which they were written. Some of these contexts are surprisingly not far removed from Marley’s context, or our own. I’m an example of someone who has incorporated ideas from scripture into my life via the intermediary of Marley. His music helped me and my family endure the loss of my sixteen-year old brother.